Saffron oil: prevents ageing of your hair!

If your hair are damaged, deprived of gloss, elasticity and (most of all) deal with first signs of hair ageing - you must try saffron essential oil.

It is extremely precious oil with exceptional rejuvenating properties. Regular use on scalp and hair makes strands gain vitality and elasticity. Saffron oil makes hair fibres become stronger, strands gain gloss and stop falling out. Saffron oil can inhibit also breakage and protect ends. It will improve absorption of minerals and vitamin, which are essential to hair to preserve youth, health and gloss.

Why is saffron oil perfect as an anti-ageing prophylaxis?

The youth to skin and hair is provided by fatty acids, which ensure that the processes in the cells of our body are carried out correctly. Thanks to them, the entire organism works like "well oiled machine", which becomes fully efficient and... beautiful. Fatty acids not only improve how body works, but also its particles can create protective layer on the surface of hair to protect it against unfavourable impact of external factors and damages we cause to hair by drying with hot air stream or straightening. Safflower oil contains high amount of linoleic acid that belongs to omega-6 group. For this reason it is perfect for regeneration of even the most damaged hair with high porosity. On top of it, safflower oil contains a lot of vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth. This makes it great weapon against ageing signs of hair and scalp. Mainly the deficit of vitamin E contributes to wrinkles, loss of elasticity of hair, breakage, increased hair loss. Saffron oil makes hair bulbs significantly stronger and thicker, while at the same time gaining vitality and gloss. Safflower oil is also perfect for stylisation. It allows to tame hair, smoother and immediately condition them. Regular use of saffron oil protects ends against damages and prevents split ends.